Saturday, September 13, 2008

CoLlAgE wOrKsHoP cOnTiNuEd

I stamped the pear stamp on more pages from the 1969 Cookbook that I used for the first layer. I used Distress Ink in tea dye and then cut around the image. I am just not sure if this is looking too cluttered or if it is supposed to look that way. Maybe when I shade around the images and add embellishments that will change the look. On to that part...

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cOlLaGe WoRkShOp CoNtInUeD

For step 4 I colored in the circles using the fluid chalk inks and a paint brush. I made some more solid than the others and left some of the white show through on the rest.

For step 5 I stamped on the pear stamp using a violet fluid chalk ink, first inking only a small part of the stamp and then the whole stamp. I like how it didn't stamp solidly in some places. Next I stamped a different pear stamp and a word stamp using gesso. I like how this step turned out but, oh NO...I didn't stop there. I added more stamping which I will post as soon as I take more pics. AND if Blogger will cooperate with me better this time. These pics took FOREVER to upload..Grrrr....

Thursday, September 11, 2008

CoLlAgE wOrKsHoP cOnTiNuEd

The 3rd step was to brush on gesso and acrylic paint. I did this using a pastry brush. The stiff bristles gave more texture to the surface. I also used this brush for the acrylic paint in lemon yellow.

In the 4Th step I took a lid from a canning jar and a spice lid to make the large and medium sized circles using gesso. I applied it rather thick in order to add yet more texture. I then thought that it needed a few more circles so I took the lid off of a steak sauce bottle that was in my recycle box. Can you tell I was doing these steps in my kitchen? Sounds like I am putting together a recipe, which actually fits right in to my collage since I used vintage recipe book pages to start with. See the theme here? Next I took an old credit card and made the random lines using gesso. Let this dry awhile then onto the next steps.

i Am PaRtIcIpAtInG cOnTiNuEd

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I aM pArTiCiPaTiNg

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Monday, September 8, 2008

cOlLaGe WoRkShOp

The second step was to add accent color using Color Box Fluid Chalk Ink. I used warm violet on the outer edges and french blue on the inside. I will move on to step 3 tomorrow.

This is the first time I have been able to participate in one of the workshop over at TheLatestTrendsInMixedMedia Yahoo group. The first step was to add torn paper to the canvas using Mod Podge. My canvas size here is 12 x 12. I used pages from a vintage cookbook for my papers. After it was dry it was on to step 2 above.

HaLlOwEeN cArDs

i Am PaRtIcIpAtInG

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